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Watercolor & Pastel

Merging Watercolor & Pastels Mixed-Media

Online Art Instruction with Tonja Sell


This is Multi-Medium ART SCHOOL for YOU!  

Explore this beautiful mixed-media combination, layer by layer.   

This in-depth college-like course is a part of my


          I will share with you all I've discovered about combining 

          these mediums.  You're personally invited to be a part 

      of each stroke and discovery as it unfolds!  

         Watch each 20-50 min. segment 

          OVER and over again.    It's yours for LIFE!  

    1:  action, practice: as a :  exercise or practice 

of an art, science, or skill
    2:  practical application of a theory

Art School for everyone!  Go beyond technique gathering and commit to the development of your skills.  Regardless of your current level you can become a better artist and more creative thinker.

This is a 52 session self-paced art instruction course designed to be completed over a 12 month period.   You may do some or all of the included lessons, customizing this course to fit your lifestyle and reach personal goals.

*     Be encouraged to loosen up, discover hundreds of tips and techniques. 

*     Find out how pastel can save your not-so-masterful masterpiece.  

Dramatic and versatile, chalk pastels can be one of the most beautiful of media.  

When combined with watercolor it will transform your work.
You will find this class a useful bridge to connect these popular mediums.  

I will help you remove any inhibitions you may have in regard to mixing media, giving you practical insight into both watercolor and pastel.   Perfect for beginner and advanced students alike.

Merging Watercolor & Pastel Online Course:  

$375.00 ONE Time payment = Fully-downloadable!

More than 70 Sessions total.

Click "Merging Watercolor & Pastel"

in the Online Course drop down menu for more details & to buy!

Contact me to get started:

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