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— V.P Artist

It's been an age since I felt so moved by a fellow artist. Tonja's gallery is multi-dimensional, an emotive visual dialogue sweeping you away into it's lush rich colour and texture dancing across the canvas. 

So painterly and boundless yet superb attention to classical figurative detail, harmoniously captured in centre stage with piercing soulful personality emanating from the portraits featured. 

Complete compositions yet retaining the vibrance of sketched studies. Inspiring this fellow artist to muse again.



Teaching Schedule:

AUG 1, 2, 3, 4        Port Wing Plein Air                     2019

SEPTEMBER       (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.           2019

                     Grand Marais Art Colony, Minnesota

OCT 25  Artist demo hosted by Northwoods Fiber Guild 

OCT 26 &  27,    Compelling Design: Creating        2019                         Composition that Captivates       


                                 Oulu, Wisconsin

  Kids Drawing /Painting/Sculpture Classes in Studio

OCT     KIDS Only  (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.         2019

NOV   KIDS Only     (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.       2019

DEC.  KIDS Only     (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.        2019

JAN     KIDS Only    (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.       2020

                       Green Valley,  Arizona                   

MARCH     Community Preforming Art Center,            2020

MAR    15 & 16 EXPLORING MONET’S GARDEN                                                                       

MAR   17 & 18,   ABSTRACTION TO REALISM;                    MERGING OIL AND COLD WAX          2020                              

                           Spain & Morocco Tour

 APR 25 - MAY  9   Benajarafe, Spain. & Morocco   2020

       Limited space, sign up soon to join this tour!

JULY   Adult Class TBA    (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.  2020

AUG   Adult Class TBA    (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.  2020

SEPT  Adult Class TBA    (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.  2020

OCT  Adult Class TBA     (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.  2020

                         France &/or Italy Tour

MAY             Cinque Terre                                   2021

MAY   TBA.  Giverny, Paris France    Monet's Garden     2021

Grand Marais, MN Oct 26 & 27, 2019
Grand Marais Art Colony, Minnesota
OCT 25, 2019  
Artist demo hosted by Northwoods Fiber Guild 
OCT 26 & 27, 2019   Compelling Design: Creating Composition that Captivates
Green Valley, AZ March 15 &16, 2020
EXPLORING MONET’S GARDEN. In this workshop, students will learn drawing and painting floral landscapes expressively using techniques employed by Claude Monet. Tonja will share photo references shot during her recent time spent at Monet’s garden at Giverny. This workshop would be appropriate for pastel, water-media, acrylic and oil painters. Learn to layer paint to create luminosity and the illusion of light in your floral and landscapes by exploring the garden that inspired a master.
Green Valley, AZ March 17 &18, 2020
ABSTRACTION TO REALISM: OIL & COLD WAX. Have you considered combining oil paint and cold wax? The addition of cold wax medium into oil paints not only allows you to create beautiful texture while speeding up the dry time of oils, but is a great solution for oil painters who enjoy working realistically while allowing expressive and abstracted elements to be incorporated into the painting. You need not be an experienced oil painter, but a basic understanding of working in oils is important.
Merging Watercolor & Pastel Online
Merging Watercolor & Pastel Online ; Dramatic and versatile, chalk pastels can be one of the most beautiful of media.
When combined with watercolor it will transform your work.
You will find this class a useful bridge to connect these popular mediums.
I will help you remove any inhibitions you may have in regard to mixing media, giving you practical insight into both watercolor and pastel. Perfect for beginner and advanced students alike. Full course & semester options available.
Studio Kids Classes Oct-Feb 2019
Follow the link for class details, pieces and dates.
TRIOS: Acrylic- Online Class
TRIOS: Simple Mix is for you, if you enjoy the act of drawing and would like to know how to add acrylic paint without losing your beautiful, expressive drawing marks.
TRIOS: Simple Mix is designed for those who would like to get more comfortable with using acrylics while mixing media. We start simple, learning the basics of acrylic application specifically when used in combination with water-soluble pencils and blocks, while working on paper.
Spain Apr 25-May 9, 2020
France & Monet's Garden Spring, 2021
Oil & Cold Wax Bemidji, MN
Intro to cold wax and oils class in Bemidji, MN June 23, 24 and 25 for more info call 218-760-2308. Ask for Pat
July Mixed-media
Mixed-media Workshop      Jul 09, 10 & 11,  
10:00 AM 4:00 PM 2020
Making your Mark: Mixed-water media workshop Experimenting with Texture & Non-traditional acrylic application.
3 DAY CLASS at the (DO)ARTworx studio in northern Wisconsin
Are you in search support, struggling to find your direction or focus? Are you serious about your art and interested in taking steps to improve your skills?
My Creative Mentorship Program offers personalized, private and focused discussions to help fine-tune your focus, spur your interests, meet your goals, and develop work.
Members ONLY $25.00
Here you will find exclusive "Members Only" content and sales! There are many video sessions available for an unlimited time with more being added. One time fee of $25.00 access. Enjoy & thanks for your support! Email me to join
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