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Welcome to TRIOS!  These are casual lessons that explore a variety of subjects, mediums and techniques.  

Each  (TRIO) will include 3 real-time project tutorials that are broken into 20 minute sessions each, plus bonus material.  

Bonus material varies depending upon the subject and content focus.

Each of the TRIOS sessions will relate to each other in a specific way, reinforcing the focus of the specific topic covered.  

Each lesson will be a minimum of 60 minutes,

broken into, approximately, 20 minutes each.

These are self-paced and you may join at any time.

TRIOS: Simple Mix is the first in this series.


Technique and media practice:

Using water soluble pencils and blocks, adding acrylic paint.

We begin most  TRIOS sessions by gesturally sketching our subject, practicing loosening up and drawing expressively.  Once our drawing is established we move on to explore our subject using specific medium or combination of mediums.


 TRIOS: Simple Mix, is  for you, if you enjoy the act of drawing and would like to know how to add acrylic paint without losing your beautiful, expressive drawing marks.   

TRIOS: Simple Mix, is designed for those who would like to get more comfortable with using acrylics while mixing media.  We start simple, learning the basics of acrylic application specifically when used in combination with water-soluble pencils and blocks, while working on paper.  We ease into mixed media, drawing & painting while exploring the human face.  While not specifically a portrait class, many portrait basics are covered.   You may follow along using a reference image that I provide, or work from your own reference, model or works using a mirror.

Once I have explained my process to develop an interesting under-drawing, I then show you how I add layers of white acrylic to my drawing to create beautiful depth and volume.  







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TRIOS: Simple MIX - Supplies:

Water-soluble pencils, blocks, sticks and/or crayons:

these may include Derwent Inktense pencils or blocks, watercolor pencils, Caran d'Ache Neo Color II, Stadelier Water-soluble crayons, Stabilo Woody pencils and more.  Use what you have, any of these may be used by themselves of in combination.

Paper:  Watercolor, mixed-media paper or illustration boards in hot or cold press.

Acrylic Paint:   in white.  Dr Martin Bleed-proof white is demonstrated in one section of one lesson, but is not required.

Lessons from the TRIOS series are a great way to practice and develop your skills while exploring various mediums and application techniques in a casual way and at your own pace.

Actual featured lessons are shown briefly in the promo video.

Artists of all levels can benefit from these fun practice sessions.

Not a member yet?  Email me to learn how to enjoy the

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