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Down Under ~ in Jervis Bay

Made possible byTracy Verdugo

November 11th & 12th 2017!

Compose YOUR Story 

-while Experimenting with Texture- 

Together we will explore several different acrylic applications as a way of adding interest to your work.  

We will learn to compose a balanced and exciting composition incorporating elements of personal significance, Using photos and reference materials of meaning to you. 

Are you a watercolor artist interested in trying mixed media?  

Are you an acrylic painter curious to try some of the acrylic mediums available to you?   Are you an artist wondering how to introduce narrative elements into your paintings in a cohesive and illustrative way?

Do you struggle with elements of design and composition?

Then this is a perfect mini-workshop for you! 

This class is for beginners to advanced students who are interested in exploring mixed media acrylic techniques, while learning to tell your story

in an illustrative way.  


We will learn to combine non-traditional water based materials to 

"Tell OUR story."


This is a high energy, fun, experimental class.

Gather photos and reference images of personal significance to you. 

Examples could be family photos of people or animals, images from an impacting time or event in your life, a meaningful theme, journal pages, collage elements such as maps, letters, fabric, jewelry, beads, ribbon, lace and more.  

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