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Teaching Schedule
Teaching Schedule:

                Oulu, Wisconsin   Inquire for dates  

  Kids Drawing /Painting/Sculpture Classes in Studio

OCT     KIDS Only  (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.         

NOV   KIDS Only     (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.      

DEC.  KIDS Only     (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.        

JAN     KIDS Only    (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.   


Adult Classes and workshops available. 

Inquire for options 

JULY   Adult Class TBD    (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.  

AUG   Adult Class TBD    (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.  

SEPT  Adult Class TBD    (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.  

OCT  Adult Class TBD    (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.  

NOV  Adult Class TBD    (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.  

DEC  Adult Class TBD    (DO)ARTworx WI Studio.  

Online classes available via Vimeo: Inquire

Spain & Morocco Tour

   Benajarafe, Spain. & Morocco   Inquire for dates

                         France &/or Italy Tour

          Cinque Terre                         Inquire for dates

   Giverny, Paris France    Monet's Garden     TBD




Tonja & Matt are amazing hosts, as are Denis & Sally at La Finca. The instruction, the supplies, the food, the sights and the entire experience is one you will cherish the rest of your days. I truly can not wait to return and experience more of the beauty and lifestyle that is Benejarafe & beyond in Spain 2019. "I do love it!" -

R.T Spain

It's been an age since I felt so moved by a fellow artist. Tonja's gallery is multi Dimensional, an emotive visual dialogue sweeping you away into it's lush rich colour and texture dancing across the canvas. 

So painterly and boundless yet superb attention to classical figurative detail, harmoniously captured in centre stage with piercing soulful personality emanating from the portraits featured. 

Complete compositions yet retaining the vibrance of sketched studies. Inspiring this fellow artist to muse again

It is so amazing to have an opportunity to be able to watch Tonja and her creative gifts of vision right before your eyes if you are lucky enough to get into her class or studio! I feel blessed to be able to see the "mysteries" of Tonja's art continue to unfold! It will be cool to see what the future brings with her boundless experimentation!  
I love it Tonja and thank you for offering these pieces of you for others to love.

D. J Artist/Student

V.P Artist


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1675 West Colby Road, Brule, Wisconsin

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